Where to parking in Bologna – Best 4 car park

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Getting to the center of Bologna with the car is not easy, if you want to enjoy your trip without too much troubles, you can leave your car in a car park and walk comfortably on foot or by bus.

Just know the where to park in Bologna!

> Do not be fined for access to the limited traffic area, read: How to Move in Bologna by Car – Limited Traffic Zone and Tdays
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1 – Car Park Tanari

Tanari is certainly the best because its great capacity (450 parking space), the low cost and shuttle service to the city center. There is no better place to park the car. For payment there is an ticket machine and you can pay just in cash.
Also if after parking you are on a bike, taxi or bus stop is free!
The car park is located on Via Tanari 17
Opening Hours: h24 every day
Hourly Fee: 0.60 € Daily Fee: 5.00 € Monthly Fee: 30 €

2 – Car park Multipiano Riva di Reno

The multipiano of Via Riva di Reno, as well as having 540 parking space, also has the advantage of being located within the historic centre but not in the restricted traffic area. The best thing about this parking lot is that the beautiful park “September 11” was built over the basement floor.

Parking is located in Via del Rondone corner via Azzo Gardino

Opening Hours: h24 every day
Hourly Fee: 2,35 € Daily Fee 15,00 €

3 – Car park Piazza VIII Agosto

>Placed in front of Montagnola Park in the historic center, the Piazza VIII Agosto parking is one of the most used by the Bolognese who live on the outskirts and who are usually coming in the city center during the weekend or tdays.The car park has almost 1000 parking spaces and is articulated on several underground levels, it is possible to pay by cards or ATMs and is equipped with automatic ticket machine.

The car park is located on Piazza dell’VIII Agosto

Opening Hours: h24 every day
Hourly Fee : from € 2.55 €  Daily Fee € 20.00 €

4 – Parking in Staveco

The ex-staveco parking is a bit more expensive. It certainly has the advantage of being just minutes walking from the city center and being in easy reach, even for those who have never been to Bologna. Payment is also possible via cards or ATMs.

The parking lot is located in Viale Panzacchi 10

Opening Hours: 7am to 1pm every day
Hourly Fee(or per hour fraction): 2,00 € Daily Fee: 12 € Monthly Fee: 180 €

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