The Cathedral of San Pietro

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The Cathedral of San Pietro in Nutshell
The Metropolitan Cathedral of San Pietro is not as famous as the Church of San Petronio but it is the Duomo of Bologna.

Things to See:

  • paintings and sculptures by famous Italian artists such as: Prospero Fontana, Ludovico Carracci, Marcantonio Franceschini, Donato Creti.
  • The treasure of the Cathedral
  • The Bell Tower and the Crypt
Hours and Cost
Entrance into the Cathedral:
From Monday to Saturday: 7:30 am – 6:45 pm
Sunday 8:00 am – 6:45 pm
Free entry

Visit of the Treasury: by reservation

Visit of the Bell Tower:
Every Saturday from 2.00pm to 4.30pm
in summer also from 19:00 to 23:00
cost: 5 euros

For reservations and confirmation of timetables it is advisable to call the number: 051/222112

Where Is
Via Dell’Indipendenza, 9

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La Cathedral of San Pietro

The beautiful Baroque façade of San Pietro in Bologna fascinates passersby who walk along Via Dell’Indipendenza. The Bologna cathedral has undergone many changes over the years and its present appearance dates back to the last great change made in the seventeenth century. At that time the building lost any remaining traces of the initial Roman Gothic style that characterized it and finally, in 1743, Pope Benedict XIV commissioned the construction of a new façade by Alfonso Torreggiani.

Inside you can see beautiful works of art, among these don’t miss:

  • The altarpiece depicting St. Ignatius of Loyola by Donato Creti, in the third chapel
  • The fresco by Prospero FontanaL’Eterno Padre” that stands out inside the Cappella Maggiore
  • The Annunciation of Maria, painted by Carracci
  • The Holy Family with Saints Rocco and Giacomo Maggiore painted by Franceschini, in the fourth chapel

After admiring the great works that decorate the interior of the cathedral, do not forget to visit the Crypt and climb the Bell Tower!

The Bell Tower of San Pietro

This bell tower has a very particular structure, the current tower was built incorporating the previous bell tower dating from the tenth century. A visit is absolutely necessary not only to enjoy the view. The bell tower houses the “Nonna“, this is the name of the ancient bell dating back to 1594 with a weight of 33 quintals. La Nonna is accompanied by three other bells but it is not often used because, to make them play together, more than 23 people would be needed!

The Crypt of San Pietro

The crypt extends right under the Cappella Maggiore and initially had to keep the remains of the saints Vitale and Agricola. On the contrary, there is the tomb of Giovanni Acquaderni, founder of what later became the Italian Catholic Action.

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