Margherita Gardens

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With its 26 hectares of land the Giardini Margherita are certainly the largest park in Bologna.
This beautiful green park is located a short walk from the historic center and is the busiest due to the locations and events that are held throughout the year

Point of interest within Margerita Gardens:

  • Chalet of the gardens
  • Serre dei Giardini Margherita
  • Villanovan hut
  • Basketball court
  • Artificial lake
  • The wifi area
Hours and Costs
Every day: 24h-24h
Free entry
Where IS
Piazza di Porta Santo Stefano

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The Margherita Gardens

Giardini marrgherita, giardini di bologna, parghi ed aree verdi di bologna, gardensJust a few steps from the historic center, an immense green park awaits you: the Margherita Gardens are the perfect place to spend a relaxing day and forget the hustle and bustle of the city streets. This is undoubtedly the ideal place if you want to walk among tree-lined avenues or sit on the lawn for a nice picnic, nothing is missing, ponds, basketball courts, a wifi area, kiosks and restaurants.

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Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita

The mission of the Serre was to recover an abandoned space and return it to the community, the multi-faceted project brings together CoWorking, love for cinema and music, the “eating well” philosophy and much more. The greenhouses are open throughout the year and the festival of events is constant, you can enjoy performances and concerts outdoors or eat in the “Glass” space. Capsula is the name of the first Design Market in Bologna organized by the Serre that has been held during the summer months for three years. The surprising layout of fashion design, accessories, illustration and furniture has won the hearts of the Bolognese, an event suitable for all ages and children!

The Chalet

giardini margherita, chaletThe beautiful café called Chalet awaits you inside the Margherita Gardens and is open all year. The Chalet is right on the banks of the artificial lake. You can stop in the dehor for a coffee and enjoy the view in full relax, but if you want to party in the evening you can go wild with music and dance until late at night.

Other Points of Interest

giardini margherita bolognaThe Villanovan hut is a life-size reconstruction of ancient Etruscan homes. The structure, designed for an educational purpose, comes to life from those finds that despite the millennia passed have come to us.
We also point out the presence of a basketball court with free access and the presence of two free wifi networks: the first near the greenhouses, the other in Piazza Jacchia, 1.