Get to Bologna by plane, Guglielmo Marconi Airport

Bologna airport, Guglielmo Marconi

To get to Bologna by plane you can use the Guglielmo marcomi airport, headed by the Italian scientist.
This has become an international airport over the years thanks to the presence of important airlines such as Rayan Air and numerous charter flights.

The Bologna airport services

Today it offers flights to a multitude of destinations, there are connections to major European cities (London, Madrid, Brussels, Prague, Kiev, Paris, Monaco, Germany, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin) and worldwide (Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow, Zanzibar, St. Petersburg, Tunis). Today, Marconi is the seventh most used airport in Italy.
The proximity to the city of Bologna is one of its great advantages in fact it is only 6 km from the city center.

The airport is easily accessible by car

It is easily reachable by car as there are many highway connections that facilitate the arrival and departure of passengers. Here are some simple tips for those who want to reach the Guglielmo Marconi by car.

Coming from the city center just follow the Bologna ring road and use the 4bis exit.

Coming from Milan on the A1 highway, take the exit of Borgo Panigale,

From Padua on the A13 highway , exit Arcoveggio

From Ancona follow the A14 take the exit San Lazzaro.

The car park of about 5,000 parking spaces facilitates the stopover.

Fly to Bologna to visit the north and the centre of Italy

Many tourists choose Bologna as the base for a trip to discover the northern Italy just for the services and comfort offered by Guglielmo Marconi Airport. In fact, from the central station of Bologna you can easily ride by train to Florence, Venice and many famous Italian cities.

Airport shuttle, public bus service and taxi connections

The airport of Bologna is connected to the city centre by a guaranteed shuttle service to the central station. The shuttle stops in the city center and leaves every 11 minutes, the first ride from the airport is at 5:30 in the morning and the last at 00:15 in the evening. From the station the first run is at 5:00 and the last at 23:35
Alternatively, you can rent a car or use the taxi service. Just outside the arrival zone there is a parking spot.

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