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Visit Bologna, Italy – Bologna Travel Guide

Bologna is a wonderful and unique city where technology and tradition are alongside. There are many reasons to visit it, important events take places here and its old town is full of curiosities and historical memories.The city is also nicknamed “Grassa, Dotta, la Rossa”.The first nickname, that of Grassa(fat), is clearly derived from its typical food, rich in flavour and definitely caloric.However, bolognese people, though dedicated to good food, love to feed the spirit with knowledge.In fact, the University of Bologna is the oldest in the West and among the most important in Italy and Europe, for this reason it is called the Dotta (erudite). Finally, la Rossa (red), not because its political tendencies as someone use to say, but by the color of bricks that characterize the buildings of the Old Town.

Visit Bologna: what to see and points of interest

Fountain of Neptune and the Garisenda and Asinelli towers.

The city center of medieval origin is a perfect place to stroll and spend your holidays, beautiful glimpses in its alleys are waiting for you. There are numerous churches to visit, first of all San Petronio. Impressive historic buildings surround the squares where often take places events and markets. For those who love art and culture, the city houses more than thirty museums.