The Top 10 Attractions and points of interest

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy
@ Roberto Taddeo

The top 10 attractions in Bologna

There are so many points of interest in Bologna and if you have only few days to spend in the city how to choose what to see? Here you can find some suggestions about the best places to see in a week end. To discover Bologna a 3-day visit would be necessary to visit the must-see attractions of the city.

The two Towers, Garisenda e Degli Asinelli

Le due torri, Garisenda e torre degli Asinelli

@Davide D’amico

Asinelli and the Garisenda Tower dominate the center of Bologna from above and are a legacy of medieval architecture that still characterizes the city’s landscape. The stop in the square of Porta Ravegnana where the towers stand is a must for anyone visiting the city for the first time. Read More…

The Church of San Petronio

Church of San Petronio - Bologna ItalyJust take a look at the wonderful façade overlooking Piazza Maggiore and stay enchanted. The Church of San Petronio, dedicated to the patron saint of the city, is a place full of history and art but also full of curiosities to discover. The longest sundial of the world and the frescoes by Giovanni da Modena are waiting for you inside. To find out more: The Church of San Petronio

The Quadrilatero, the ancient market in the old town.

Typical dishes and ancient shops, all of this gathered in one neighbourhood. The Quadrilatero is made by the ancient ways of the professions practised in the Middle Age. Today it maintains the tradition by offering to those visiting the area the best that can be found in the Bologna. Attraction recommended for food lovers and passion for vintage shops.

The Seven Churches and square of Santo Stefano

Piazza Santo Stefano ed il Complesso delle Sette Chiese

@ Donato Accogli

Santo Stefano square is one of the most fascinating places in Bologna, the Complex of the Seven Churches overlooking the square is for sure a unique attraction. The Church of St. Stephen, in fact, develops into seven worship buildings that have undergone variations and extensions over the centuries. So the complex of the Seven Churches represents the evolution of the city from its origins to today.

Maggiore Square, the heart of Bologna

Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

@ Roberto Taddeo

It is where the Bolognese meet and there are the great events that animate the city. If you really want to live in Bologna, take at least a quarter of an hour and sit on the Crescentone overlooking the square, watching what’s happening around you and admiring the magnificent palaces that surround it.

Do not miss the Archiginnasio Palace


@ Davide D’amico

It is located a few steps from Piazza Maggiore and is certainly the most famous palace in the city, so do not miss the Stabat Mater Hall and the Anatomical Theater with the Cattedra degli Spellati. Discover the beauty of Archiginnasio read:The Archiginnasio, the best palace to visit in Bologna

The Sanctuary of Madonna di San Luca, a must-see attraction

San Luca

@ Roberto Taddeo

This place of worship strongly linked to the Bolognese tradition lies on the Guardia hill, you can reach it walking through the portico via Saragoza (the longest in Europe) or comfortably by bus. From the terrace of San Luca you can see one of the most beautiful views of Bologna. Read more…

The Neptune’s fountain, symbol of Bologna

Il Nettuno - Bologna

@ JJ Peg

Not only the most beautiful fountain in Bologna but a true landmark of the city, a must-see attraction. The fountain of Neptune is a masterpiece and it keeps secrets an curiosity to discover. Read more…

The window on Piella street called the “Little Venice” and the Seven Secrets of Bologna

Finestrella di via Piella - La piccola Venezi, sette segreti di Bologna

@ Paolo Margari

A glimpse of the hidden world of the underground canals of Bologna. The Finestrella di Via Piella opens onto a stretch of underground river that re-emerges in the old town, creating a picture that many have called “Piccola Venezia”. This is just one of the Seven Secrets of Bologna.

Archaeological Civic Museum

It based in Palazzo Galvani, the vast archaeological collection of the museum that includes exhibits of great value for local history, starting from Etruscan origins to Roman legacy. The beautiful Egyptian collection, one of the most important in Europe, is also waiting for you inside.