The best family hotels

Traveling with children? You just have to find a good place to stay and visit Bologna will be an opportunity to relax and have fun. With our guide you will discover the best Family Friendly Hotels in...

Where to stay, the best accommodation in Bologna

It is the first time you visit Bologna and you have to choose where to stay. There are many options, the city is full of hotels, apartments, bed and breakfast, so you need some suggestions that will help you! Discover the best accommodations and use reviews to get what you are looking for.

Choose the hotels or b&bs in the best places of the city

Bologna-Guide.com will help you to spend wonderful holidays in Bologna starting from your accommodation. You will find tips on the best places to stay, divided by type (hotels, b & b, hostels and apartments) and depending on your needs you can choose whether to stay in the old town, on the outskirts or nearby of bologna.